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£ 65 

Silver reticulated bangle with pale pink/lilac sea glass charm

I was really chuffed to find this pale pink/lilac sea glass and such a wonderful shape.

I have made a reticulated silver bangle including some wire wrapped around the opposite end to the sea glass charm, so this pice is totally unique. I have used a hand made copper headed silver pin to fix the glass into the silver bail.

The bangle measures 70mm in diameter. The glass measures 14mm in diameter.


£ 65 

Orange & white sea glass silver bangle.


Two orange and one white sea glass pebble adorn this hand made textured bangle bracelet.

The sea glass is bezel set onto the bangle.  The bangle has a spring clasp to allow for a closer fitting bracelet. Bangle measures 7 1/2".



£ 50 

Silver bangle with green sea glass charm

A lovely simple hand made silver wire bangle with a hammered texture, attached to the bangle is a pale green sea glass charm, which has some streaks running through the glass.

The charm is fixed to the bracelet with a hand made bale and silver pin with a copper head.

The bangle measures 66mm in diameter, the glass measures 13mm in diameter.

B34 now sold

A fabulous collection of blue sea glass ranging from the palest of blues to deep rich blues.

There are 13 sea glass pebbles in all, with a special dark blue multi as a centre piece adorn this silver charm bracelet with hand made ring &bar clasp.